Horovitz, Even, Uzan and Co. was founded in 2007 as a boutique firm aimed at providing the firm’s clients with the most modern and highest level of professional service, alongside personal and direct attention.

Our firm believes that in addition to providing the highest level of professional service, we are also required to supply the firm’s clients with practical and creative tools, which are needed to advance the client’s goals, all while paying close attention to the scope of resources demanded by the client.

The firm has rich experience with a wide array of cases and transactions in which some of the most prominent entities in the market are involved, especially in the areas of real estate, litigation and commercial law.

The firm’s partners and attorneys have extensive legal experience and provide its wide range of clients with comprehensive legal service, which includes accompanying ventures, continuous legal consultation and guidance, assistance in crisis resolution and dealing with dynamic business environments.

The firm was ranked by BDI as one of the leading boutique firms in the field of commercial litigation.

The firm was ranked by D&B in its list of the leading firms in Israel in the field of real estate and planning and development.