Real Estate

Our firm has a prominent real estate department managed by Attorney Ofer Even who has over 24 years of experience in this field.

The department’s attorneys have a rich experience in accompanying and leading a wide range of high-profile real estate transactions, which includes representing entrepreneurs and contractors, municipal renewal, purchase groups (in this area alone, hundreds of residential apartments handled by the department’s attorneys have been completed and delivered to members and buyers in purchase groups), representing foreign residents, investors and more.

As part of the department’s professional operations, the attorneys provide legal consultation and continuous representation for entrepreneurs and contractors in complex projects for residences, offices, hotels and commerce, starting from the stage of negotiations for land purchase all the way through to preparing partnership agreements, land purchase agreements, changes in land-use assignment, building permits, banking, sales agreements and registering land rights.

The department’s attorneys have extensive experience in the area of municipal renewal, which includes “evacuation-building” projects ever since 1998, a time when the realization that municipal renewal constitutes Israel’s largest stock of land for building purposes just started. The firm represents all entities involved, including entrepreneurs, contractors and tenants who wish to better their assets and improve their rights to the assets.

Apart from the highest level of legal expertise, the field of municipal renewal requires constant and continuous learning of laws and legislation, as well as an understanding of the various operations and interests of all the entities involved, which are the necessary foundations for every project in this field.

As part of representing tenants in municipal renewal projects, our firm allows rights holders to equip themselves with the infrastructure necessary to contact several contractors through a request for proposals procedure in order to obtain the best results for the tenants.

Additionally, our firm specializes in providing legal consultation and representation in private property sale transactions, lands undergoing land-use reassignment and commercial real estate, at the decision making stage and preparing the actual sales agreements.

From its founding, our firm accompanies foreign residents through the process of purchasing prestigious real estate properties for residence and investment; all while taking into consideration and making adjustments for cultural differences, language barriers and variations in legal and economic systems.

Our firm’s handling of all types of real estate transactions, as mentioned, is accompanied by the comprehensive experience the department’s attorneys have in the area of real estate taxation.

This is one of the most complex and frequently changed areas in both legislation and ruling, knowledge and understanding of which directly impacts the manner of preparing and executing transactions.

The attorneys in the real estate department not only provide the client with the legal knowledge required to carry out transactions, but also supply the client with the understanding, familiarity and experience gathered over several years pertaining to the manner in which negotiations are handled, the real estate market in Israel and the various entities operating in this field.

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